Monday, June 21, 2010


Destiny is determined sometimes very sad ... but we must always pleased with what has been determined ... we can not fight fate even though we have tried to change it. assuming that it is an assumption that we have to go through even difficult for us to accept reality.

Although it is broken heart .... but believe it will have a new light in our lives, Maybe it will be much brighter light, and we will enjoy the happiness that we have dreamed. We must accept that love will not last long because people will quickly changed his love.

What happens in our lives, let it pass ... we do not need to cry for so long. Build a new hope that we can strengthen our spirit to continue our lives. Assuming he is not the best for us .... let the frustration that we have to go through ... because they are more disappointed when we regret our life. Sometimes we must love ourselves first before we love others. Because not all the people we love.... will really true love us...Always be strong and believe one day there is someone that really love us and will give us happiness...


Mrs. Apple :) said...

sincerely, nice point there :)
sye follow awk :)

Kamarul said...

Love everybody, hate nobody...

nak mendptkan berat badan ideal di samping tambah pendapatan?

sila lah ke blog sy

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